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Finding clarity in complex healthcare marketing

About us

JMP Health is a full service independent creative agency that finds clarity in complex healthcare marketing. JMP was founded in 1993 in a time when healthcare marketing was rapidly expanding into multi-disciplinary practices where agencies were either too small to cope or too big and impersonal. Since that time, we’ve developed three abiding principles that have made us highly effective in today’s tightly regulated, complex world of healthcare marketing. Insight, creativity and flexibility. These are the pillars of ‘finding clarity’, our agency process that offers clients big agency creative thinking, boutique agency eye for design and a highly responsive service. ‘Finding clarity’ drives the way we think, create and communicate healthcare marketing solutions, be it global product launches, regional marketing activities or targeting specialist audience needs within healthcare.

What we do

At JMP Health, we believe our perfect blend of specialisms give brands a commercial edge through integrated creative solutions that work from the inside-out and ensure pre-determined brand KPIs are met, if not exceeded. Our critical thinking process utilises creative tools that clearly demonstrate how granular research findings and product insights are refined to showcase the big idea within. JMP Health’s ‘finding clarity’ helps you map where your brand sits currently, and where it could likely go in the future. Whether it is a brand positioning exercise or workshop, a creative proposition, or a design brief, we will tailor our processes to be in-depth or light to suit your creative and marketing needs. The blend of senior talents at JMP Health have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. We believe in getting it right the first time, which is why our team of strategists, creatives, designers, 3D animators, medical illustrators and film editors work extremely closely with client teams to ensure the initial response to briefs are always spot on.

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They’re professional through and through and deliver every time. But they’re also a lot of fun to work with – which makes the difference to the relationship, and ensures when we put maximum in, we get maximum out!
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