TEVA UK Ltd had completed the acquisition of Cephalon, enhancing its positioning as a leading provider of high-quality healthcare with an expanded portfolio across the pain franchise.

The acquisition meant that leading brands like Effentora®, a break-through cancer pain drug, were now available under the newly created TEVA Pain Care franchise. Our task included the creation of a brand identity and marketing communication campaign that best represented the new acquisition.


The TEVA Pain Care franchise featured a comprehensive range of pain care solutions that required significant consideration – the extensive range provided a considerable challenge to unify under a coherent, singular brand identity that could also be leveraged to highlight clear distinctions for individual brands like Effentora®.


Our creative team saw an opportunity to use the TEVA-Cephalon acquisition to redefine the pain care market. A proposition based on ‘Redefining the landscape of pain management’ allowed us to visually contextualise a patient’s journey through pain. We created a unique visual metaphor for ‘Sharp Pain’, to reflect a patient’s response to pain, visualising the sharpest of pain responses to represent heightened, angry spikes that gradually become softer and smoother as an individual’s pain care becomes more effective and manageable. The campaign turned a simple insight into a powerful brand truth, allowing the new identity and communication to be rolled out across digital sales aid, experiential and print advertising. The campaign was extremely well received by customers, both new and existing and remain a favourite of the TEVA Pain franchise team.

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