Teva UK Ltd is the UK’s largest supplier of generic medicine offering their own buying scheme called TevaOne.

Operating in a pharmacy market impacted by recent changes in government policy and funding created an unprecedented time of uncertainty with pharmacies opting to either reduce their generics spending or shop for lower priced alternatives.

JMP Health was brought in with a view to refreshing TevaOne, the company’s B2B generics brand with the aim of introducing a number of significant offerings and to address the uncertainty in the pharmacy market.


One of the key mandatories was the challenge posed by the ‘TevaOne box device’. Striking a balance between progressive change without losing the core box shape. The box was synonymous with Teva’s commitment to quality and service. It was also a critical requirement for core customers – reassuring and familiar.


Our senior creatives worked closely with the marketing teams at Teva, drilling down to key customer sentiments from extensive research findings. Key messages were framed into a compelling new brand narrative and proposition without alienating core customers familiar with the box device. The development of the core message ‘TevaOne – It Feels Good to Belong’, allowed Teva a bigger platform from which to engage with tangible, great value offerings that met market and customer needs. The campaign’s footprint spanned key B2B touch points including digital and mobile devices, print adverts and leaved behind brochures.

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